Sunday, August 2, 2009

A Birthday Bash

Who doesn't love Birthdays? Maybe the better question is, "Who doesn't love children's birthdays?" I personally could care less about getting older, but they love it!
We got to celebrate cousin Hope's 6th birthday last week, with balloons, streamers, cake, sparklers...the whole nine yards. It was a righteous celebration. Uncle Drew made his famous lasagna, decorated the house beautifully and organized a quiet get together to celebrate the guest of honor.
Anyone who has a toddler know how difficult it is at birthday parties for your child to grasp the concept of "its not about you, its not for you, no, that present is not yours". As Audrey was the only other child in attendance (baby Ethan doesn't count because he cannot yet scream that awful word - "MINE!" He can however give the evil eye as you shovel ice cream and cake in your mouth...but thats a different story.
Where was I? Right, the toddler in attendance can be seen in the pictures wearing a variety of things, including goggles, too much chap-stick on her cheeks (she never can keep it on the lips) and using the jump rope ends as a hose. These little gifts were her presents, as we thought that would be safest for all involved - primarily Hope.
Hope is the ever excitable one tearing through presents. I think this is a preview of what our holidays are going to look like - a blurr of wrapping paper being tossed about, as we parents try desperately to get a glimpse of what they opened and who it was from. On that point, I ask, in advance, for forgiveness if I thank you for the wrong toy, piece of clothing, book, etc. Its not that I didn't try, its that my child can open presents faster than a tornado can take out a trailer park (no offense meant to those living in trailer parks, but lets be honest, they're the first to go!).
Enjoy the photos...perhaps some day I will figure out how to upload a slide show, until then...

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  1. Ah, good thinking with the presents for Audrey -even though it was Hope's b-day. It's so hard for kids to understand it's not their b-day EVERY b-day celebration! Can't wait until we have to try to explain that. Parenthood - good times!