Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Festivities

Admittedly, Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. Personally, there is nothing better than a holiday about food (which is why I love Thanksgiving so much...another story). You throw a little chocolate and maybe some bubble gum in the mix and I'm all for it. Trying to instill this appreciation for the Halloween holiday isn't tough when you have a daughter like Audrey. She is, without a doubt, a choco-holic...if allowed. She was also more than happy to get a little dirty when it came to pumpkin carving. Its tough to beat sticking your hands in gooey pumpkin innards and cutting silly faces into something you then nearly light on fire. What kid wouldn't love this holiday?
Audrey had several ideas about what to be for Halloween. Here are some of the potential outfits one conversation.
"Audrey, what would you like to be for Halloween?"
"I want to be a kitty cat 'meow'...or maybe a light bulb, nope, I know - a house."
"Wow. You know you have a Snow White outfit already."
"No mommy, I'm going to be an ant eater."
"Mommy, whats an ant eater?"
As you can see, Snow White was the winner, and she was quite lovely! She had a blast trick or treating in our neighborhood. We met up with cousin Hope in the morning for trick or treat street, and cruised our neighborhood just before sundown with Grandma and Grandpa Gilpin.
And now it is my job to instill some hint of self control and modesty when it comes to eating candy. Those of you who know me well, know my love for candy, mainly chocolate. And you know my inability to control myself around large bowls filled with the glorious goodness. Lets just say Audrey has asked several times, "Mommy, whatcha' eating?" And mommy's sad reply is a muffled "noffing honey." as I try not to drool any chocolate out the sides of my mouth.

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