Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dolla Flowla

So Audrey is a fan of Dora the Explorer. And she is quite capable of saying her name correctly, however she is into funny voices and saying things really fast. So Dora the Explorer has become - Dolla Flowla. I personally like Dolla better, because then people don't know that I allow my daughter to sit mindlessly staring into a TV screen for 30 minutes almost every morning. But guess that secrets out now.
Anyway, dad discovered a Dolla bike for sale on craigslist this weekend and Audrey and I had set aside this morning to go on an adventure (very Dora the Explorer like) to Parker. If any of you have seen the cartoon you know that Dolla, aka Dora, consults her friend Map! for directions to the day's adventure. Which I did. And that she has several obstacles in her way, which I did as well.
First, I got my directions (thanks Map!) then we set off, to the southern regions of Parker/Aurora, CO. I got off at the marked exit and was presented with the option of going south or north...hmmm obstacle #1, the directions said to go east - no east? I know, call Scott, he's not as directionally challenged, and has access to the information super highway. Problem solved, we went south - way south.
Obstacle #2 torrential rain. I get to use this term because rain i s rare here and its June, in case you all weren't aware. So today, on my day of grand bike adventures, its raining and in the 50s. Gotta love CO weather! So after missing the turn not once, but twice because it was raining so hard, we arrive ourselves upon suburbia and purchase said Dora bike for a sweet 20 bones. Audrey insists on riding it-"just a little bit" before packing it in the car and heading home. She is not too sure about the training wheel thing, as you can tell by some of the photos, but I see family bike rides not too far off in our future!


  1. Does this mean Scott is getting a bike too? I know where he can get a good Spiderman bike to go with Audrey's Dora.