Monday, June 29, 2009

Have Toddler, Will Travel!

The words Family Vacation conjure up all sorts of memories. From road trips in the old Volvo with dad to the four corners area, to beach time with the cousins in Laguna, CA.
Now, as a parent, I feel this deep burning desire to take Audrey to all sorts of places, some of which I hope her young little brain can hold on to in the form of a fond memory she too will look back on. I am certain I will blog about all sorts of vacation adventures, but wanted to start with sharing a few of my favorite photos.
There is, in my opinion, nothing better than a toddler girl in a bikini. I admire the way they let it all hang out, not a care or worry in the world, ahhh to be that oblivious of social pressure and the feeling of needing to suck in your belly!
There is also the inevitable site seeing expedition. If you want good entertainment, you should watch 8 adults and 2 children try to get themselves organized and ready for a 45 minute drive to an aquarium. The aquarium was super fun and marked a milestone in young Audrey's life. It was (drum roll here) Audrey's first public temper tantrum. I was thuroughly amused, but thought poor Scott was going to loose it. I did not, for obvious reasons, take a picture of this particular occasion, however momentous.
There was also the birthday party to end all birthday parties. Leave it to Aunt Joy to throw a party for everyone's birthday. An absolutely brilliant idea that had Audrey singing happy birthday to everyone for hours on end. This celebration was capped off by a round of bubble blowing on the beach. Unfortunately my camera did not pick up the ridiculous amount of bubbles that were created, but the look on Audrey's and Hope's face was priceless. Listen to me, I sound like a Mastercard commercial - Birthday cake, $20, decorations, $35, bubbles, $15, the look on the kids' faces...priceless.


  1. Well, there sure were a lot of words to read in this post. Lots of words. The pictures were great though! I only wish there was at least one picture with bubbles to really round them out...

  2. Funny, no photos of the crew recouping with drinks...